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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
 Who is Ms. Sophie?
Sophie is an 18 to 20 pound rat terrier who was bred in Caratunk, Maine. She was born on November 7, 2002. Sophie is on the label for all of Ms. Sophie's products.
 Why are the dog biscuits called "Scoot No More"?
As with many small dogs, Sophie had a long-term and recurring problem with her anal glands, which she had to have manually expressed by a veterinarian every few months. In the summer of 2010, we were watching another long-term bout of anal gland irritation and decided that we needed to learn how to express her glands without veterinarian involvement (and associated fees).
After researching this procedure, we decided that there was just too much risk involved in manual expression of her anal glands and opted to research dietary solutions, eventually baking some homemade dog biscuits for her. After about three weeks of two to three biscuits daily, Sophie stopped scooting. After a year of feeding these biscuits to Ms. Sophie, we decided to offer the biscuits to other dog owners. We discussed a number of different product names, but kept coming back to Scoot No More. We sincerely believe that, unless your dog has a serious medical condition, Scoot No More Dog Biscuits will help relieve your dog's anal gland irritation, or at least reduce the frequency of flare-ups.
 What are Scoot No More biscuits made with? 
Ms. Sophie's Scoot No More Dog Biscuits are made with organic and other natural ingredients, including:
Freshly ground organic hard red winter wheat,
Organic corn meal,
Organic wheat bran,
Beef flavored bouillon powder,
Soybean oil, and
Scoot No More Dog Biscuits include no artificial preservatives of any kind. Because of the lack of preservatives in Ms. Sophie's products, shelf life is limited and dependent on storage conditions. Refrigeration is recommended to preserve freshness. 
 What are the active ingredients in Scoot No More Dog Biscuits? 
Scoot No More Dog Biscuits contain absolutely no herbal remedies, drugs, preservatives or artificial stimulants of any kind. The bulk provided via the fiber in the wheat and corn absorb water within the dog's digestive system, creating a firmer stool. This firmer stool naturally pushes on the dog's anal glands during a bowel movement, thereby naturally expressing the glands.
 What are the risks involved in feeding my dog Scoot No More Dog Biscuits? 
The only known risks in feeding Scoot No More biscuits to your dog involve possible food allergy or intolerance. As with humans, some canines cannot properly process things such as the gluten found in wheat. If your dog is gluten intolerant or allergic to any of the ingredients in Ms. Sophie's Scoot No More Dog Biscuits, do not feed them to your dog, let us know, and search for an alternative anal gland maintenance solution. We would like to hear about your pet's gluten intolerance or other allergies so that we can develop appropriate dietary remedies for dogs like yours.
Also, just like humans, dogs can suffer from constipation, diarrhea, and gas. If your pooch suffers from any of these conditions, adjust feeding as you would for yourself when suffering from these conditions.
What are the feeding recommendations? 
We recommend that you feed one small (0.5 ounce) biscuit to your dog two to four times daily. Ms. Sophie's Scoot No More Dog Biscuits are NOT designed to replace your dog's standard diet. They are for supplemental feeding only, two to four times per day. If your small dog is larger than 20 pounds, increase the quantities accordingly, or give your dog the large (1.0 ounce) biscuits.
 My dog will not eat the biscuits, what do I do?
We have experienced this with our chihuahua. Our rat terrier just loves the biscuits (both the small and large variety). Our chihuahua will only eat the biscuits if we first break the biscuit into small, "bite size" bits (otherwise she hides them in the couch). Because of this, we plan on marketing Ms. Sophie's Scoot No More Biscuit Bites, which will be sized appropriately for our chihuahua (and hopefully your spoiled rotten dog too!).
 What is the cost of the biscuits?
Ms. Sophie's Scoot No More Dog Biscuits come in 1/2 pound bags for a suggested retail price of $7.95 and in 1 pound bags for a suggested retail price of $14.95. Biscuit Bites will likely sell in 1/2 pound bags for $8.95, when they come to market.
 Why do all the biscuits look different?
Ms. Sophie's Scoot No More Dog Biscuits are, as of this writing, hand made. Because no machinery is used in the formation of the biscuit, each biscuit will look slightly different. We have, very recently, implemented new procedures and tools which will significantly reduce the variation between biscuits that we had previously seen. With this new method, variations in each biscuit should be minimal.
 I have heard / read that wheat / corn is bad for dogs, why do you use it?
Ms. Sophie's biscuits include organic wheat and organic corn meal. As with many other dog feeding issues, there is considerable controversy regarding use of grains in dog food. Some people are convinced that all grains are bad for dogs because they are not a part of a wild dog's diet. Others are convinced that a wild dog's diet is not optimal and cite the shortened life span of wild dogs compared to domestic dogs as evidence that commercially available dog foods prolong the lives of domestic dogs.
Some internet writers claim that wheat is bad for dogs because they are unable to digest the wheat, making the same claim for corn. PetMD supports this claim of the limited ability of dogs to fully digest wheat and corn.
We at Ms. Sophie's believe that this limited ability to digest wheat is part of the advantage of its use in these dog treats, which are specifically targeted to create more bulky stools for dogs with a history of anal gland (or anal sac) problems. That is to say, the more of these dog treats that goes undigested, the large the stool. These larger stools naturally express the dog's anal glands (or sacs). As mentioned in the PetMD article linked above, neither wheat nor corn are bad for dogs, but may provide only limited nutritional value. However, Scoot No More Dog Biscuits are for supplemental feeding only, to provide feeding enjoyment for your dog (i.e., they taste good) and relief of the frequency of anal gland (sac) problems.
Additionally, some writers believe that wheat and corn are used in dog foods because they are cheap ingredients, providing low cost (with the impression of low quality) ingredients and obscene profits. Ms. Sophie's owners grind the exact same hard red winter wheat berries for providing bread for the household as is used in Scoot No More dog biscuits. In fact, the wheat for household bread needs is often ground at the same time as it is ground for the dog biscuits. The wheat used in Scoot No More dog biscuits is a quality wheat, which we eat at home. The corn meal and wheat bran used in Ms. Sophie's dog biscuits are also of the same high quality. In addition, Ms. Sohpie's Scoot No More Dog Biscuits are priced primarily to account for the considerable time required to grind the wheat, hand roll and hand stamp the treats, and due to their targeted purpose of anal gland (sac) maintenance.
 Can I get Scoot No More Dog Biscuits at a wholesale price?
Ms. Sophie's biscuits are available for wholesale purchase at standard discounts from suggested retail price. Contact sales at scootnomore.com for wholesale or other sales inquiries or call Ms. Sophie's at (207) 667-5355.